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Zika 2016: Barack Obama gets public approval of Zika funding

Update Date: Apr 09, 2016 06:02 AM EDT

Former Republican Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio recently declared his public approval in the appeal of President Barrack Obama for a Zika emergency funding.  

Rubio's unexpected backing has made him split ties with other republicans and could set in motion a positive outcome for a $1.9 billion funding which was earlier shunned by Congress, according to Miami Herald

The 44-year-old Florida native pointed out during a press conference which he hosted in Miami along with local and state administrators that the subsidized resource will be devoted wisely to fight the spreading virus.

"While I'm supportive of fully funding the president's initiative on this," Rubio mentioned to the Miami Herald, "I want to make sure that the money, when appropriated, will be appropriately spent on what we're trying to address."

Rubio also asserted that he will make it a point to convince his colleagues in the GOP to cooperate in the best way for the Obama administration to succeed in this endeavor.

"I want to ensure that I work with my fellow Republicans in both the House and Senate to ensure that we're doing everything we can to get my colleagues to be supportive of it," he said.

The White House earlier this week cited that they don't want to play the waiting game no more with the Congress as it moved the Ebola funding of almost $500 million especially now that Zika cases at the home front have been reported.  

The Senator also encouraged his fellow Floridians to be responsible for their own actions as the government cannot resolve this problem alone. He concluded that the public should secure the necessary implements to protect themselves from the virus.

Rubio's home state has recently been verified to have two new cases of the Zika virus infection, according to WPBF West Palm Beach.

The most recent Zika sightings were in the Palm Beach County which brings a maximum total of four travel-related cases in the area. Palm Beach County announced the first Zika case last March.

Last March 15, 2016, Rubio put his campaign for presidency on hiatus as he lost to fellow Republican Donald Trump by a huge margin in Florida.

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