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New study claims that Zika was already around prior to the 'World Cup'

Update Date: Mar 25, 2016 03:02 AM EDT

A widely-held theory that made fingers point at football fans for triggering the Zika outbreak was rejected in a new research work. 

This recent conclusion that announced that the Zika virus was brought in by the multitude of World Cup 2014 attendees in Brazil has become worthless, according to Science Mag. The published study indicated that the lethal infectious agent arrived at an earlier date in the middle of May and December 2013, way ahead of the global sports tournament. 

The heated discussion however still firmly stands that the virus considerably put Brazil on the map in 2015 due considerably to the amount of health case reports directly linked to the illness.

Another speculation making rounds in the internet is that Zika virus was propagated in the course of the World Sprint Championship canoe race in 2014 has also been rejected. As of 2016 the outbreak which primarily has gained a foothold in the Americas has infected close to one million people in Brazil. 

Finding the index case of the Zika virus was a staggering exploit as the research team rounded up the Brazilian strain of the virus coming from seven samples. The genetic codes from the erratic virus were all in its entirety had little variations from each other prompting the researchers to conclude that the all came from the same unique progenitor.

A University of Oxford professor, Oliver Pybus was quoted in BBC News saying:

"We can't be sure exactly how the virus got into the Americas, but it certainly seems that the virus was already in the continent before the start of the World Cup in 2014."

The lead researcher also added that they checked the numbers of passengers embarking from countries that have recorded Zika transmission in the last few years and those who came from Brazil. They observed a 50% rise in the number of passengers along those routes and said it could be a reason why it appeared when it did.

Zika virus is spread via mosquitoes and has now manifested itself to more than 30 countries.

Another recent report cited that a primary Saskatchewan case of the virus in Canada could have been transferred sexually, according to CBC News.

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