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Super Lice Infected Children In 25 States In The US

Update Date: Mar 01, 2016 10:37 AM EST

A 'super lice' outbreak has reportedly swept across 25 states raising alarm and concerns among parents because of the bugs' seemingly defensive immunity from the usual over-the-counter medication. Pyrethroids, as these treatments are called, previously had 100% success rate 15 years ago. However, the treatment is only effective 25% of the time.

According to a report by The Daily News, the lice sample found across the affected states appeared to have genetically mutated giving their nervous system the ability to resist active chemical ingredients found in most treatments.

A new treatment developed called AirAlle has been recently approved by the federal health authorities as an effective medication against the emerging super lice for a price tag of $170.

"We use heated air, and we dehydrate the lice and the eggs in a single treatment. It takes about an hour, and we guarantee it," said Claire Roberts, CEO of Lice Clinics America- the firm which developed the treatment as reported by Fox News.

Protecting Our Kids from Lice Infestation

While the new drug offers a promising solution to get lice of the kids' heads, precautionary measures are equally effective in averting an outbreak surge. The following are some preventive tips as enumerated in a Tech Times report:

1. Avoid sharing personal items especially head grooming tools, headgears, and hair-related accessories.

2. Avoid getting your kids mingle with other kids known to have been affected by head lice.

3. Avoid sharing spaces. Segregation of belongings is a must since lice infestation is highly contagious.

4. Avoid using strong medicinal treatments for kids. Removing lice by hand or by fine-tooth comb is safer.

5. Wash the clothes and beddings of the person getting lice treatment in hot water to kill traces of the bugs and their eggs.

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