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Bad News for People Who Follow Paleo Diet

Update Date: Feb 27, 2016 06:02 PM EST

Paleo diet is a strict form of dieting that restrains you from eating things like bread, pasta, fries and other such foods. While this sacrifice should amount to a healthy weight loss, but high-fat, low-carb diets that look similar to Paleo diet plants actually lead to much rapid weight gain, said a new research on mice that recently published in medical journal Nutrition & Diabetes

According to the new study, mice were only fed calorie controlled diet that had low carb content and high fat. After the study period, mice gained 15% more than its original body weight after eating that food for nine weeks. Their bodies also developed a resistance to insulin that is a sign of Type-2 diabetes. The humans that follow paleo diet plan are far more vulnerable to obesity and other diseases, especially if they start eating carbs again, according to Cosmopolitan

Even though this speculation has been done on mice and not on people, the results were still alarming enough for the scientists to recommend people to follow a different diet plan. There are many people that advocate the benefits of Paleo diet, the food that was eaten by hunters and gatherers for millions of years, and those who analyzed the eating habits of caveman and women to develop a paleo diet.

While the specific guidelines that the official paleo diet follows is much more detailed and were not considered in the experiment with the mice, however, the same rule can be applied to a human being who eats anything outside of a laboratory controlled environment. The researchers say that this is a good reason to start enjoying carbs rather than shunning them from your plate entirely, reported Yahoo News



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