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Good News for Chocolate Lovers, It Makes your Brain Sharper, Says Study

Update Date: Feb 24, 2016 10:58 AM EST

A new study suggests that regular consumption of chocolate can keep brain sharp and healthy. Previous study involved residents of New York whose diets were monitored regularly. The participants were also made to undergo a series of tests that evaluate the cognitive abilities. As per the findings of the research, participants that ate chocolates more frequently performed better in visual-spatial memory tests, abstract reasoning and working memory as compared to those who eat fewer chocolates. Chocolates contain methylxanthines, a compound associated with cognitive function and alertness which makes your brain smarter and sharper. The study was published in the journal Appetite, as reported by Live Mint


Researchers at the University of South Australia, University of Maine and Luxembourg Institute of Health, revealed that chocolate consumption develops cognitive functioning, even if you have other dietary habits. The team of researchers analyzed the data collected from earlier studies in which the Syracuse, New York residents were examined on the basis of dietary intake and other risks involved for cardiovascular conditions. For the purpose of the study, researchers looked at data collected during an earlier study in which residents of Syracuse, New York, were measured for dietary intake and risk factors for cardiovascular disease, Hindustan Times.

The team of researchers also suggested that consuming chocolate regularly can prove healthy for the brain as it inhibits the cognitive decline that happens due to ageing. They also noted that chocolate has been used for ages, although not scientifically, to "reduce fever, treat childhood diarrhoea, promote strength before sexual conquests, decrease 'female complaints', increase breast-milk production, encourage sleep and to clean teeth."

According to researchers, the real benefit of chocolate lies in cocoa flavanols that are found in dark chocolate, as compared to white or milk chocolate. The darker shade of chocolate means that it contains more flavanols, as reported by health news line


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