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Study: A Woman Body Gives Signals of Peak Fertility Period

Update Date: Jul 10, 2012 09:08 AM EDT

A latest research says that men may be able to tell a woman's fertile period by merely watching her walk and dance.

For the study, the researchers showed 200 men videos of 48t young women walking up and down in a straight line and dancing for 30 second bursts.

The videos were made silhouettes, so that the appearance of the women does not detract from their moves. They were asked to rate how attractive they found the moves of the women to be.

Each woman was asked to walk and dance twice. Once when she was at the peak of her fertility, and once when the chances of her conceiving were really low.

The study results clearly revealed that there was something about the moves of the women during their fertility period that men found attractive. The dance moves as well as their walk was rated more attractive at the peak of their fertility, according to a report in the journal Personality and Individual Differences reports.

Although dance moves do not indicate a lot, a woman's walk may say a lot.  What signal exactly is given out by her still remains unclear, but German researchers say that it might have got something to do with the wiggle of the hips.

According to researcher Bernhard Fink, it is unlikely that the speed of walk has got anything to do with this.  He says that it may be the wiggle of the hips.

"This study suggests that women's body movements provide subtle clues to female fertility , which men can detect and are attracted to," he added.

A research previously conducted in 2010 by Dr Fink analyzed male dance moves where wpmen were asked women to rate male ability on the dance floor.

The results revealed that women found those men attractive who varied the moves. It apparently showed creativity, and a strong, healthy and flexible body, reported Mail Online.

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