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Tennet, First Alcohol Product to Display Calories on its Can

Update Date: Feb 12, 2016 11:26 AM EST

Tennet became the first company to reveal the calorie information on its cans and bottles. Starting next month, the lager beer packaging will include the figures to help the consumers make an informed drinking choice. Even the drip mats in clubs and pubs will reveal that Tennet's 500ml can has 152 calories. 100ml contains 30 calories or a pint of 568ml has 173 calories. The brewer based in Edinburgh is the first one in UK and Ireland to mention the nutritional details on its packaging, The Sun reported.

Managing director, Alastair Campbell, said that this information will help the consumers make an informed decision. He said: "As a responsible producer of alcohol and proud owner of brands that are trusted and enjoyed by drinkers across Scotland, we wanted to further extend our commitment to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol." He also added, "There is increasing interest among consumers around the nutritional content of food and drink. We feel it's a natural next step to include calorie information alongside the responsible drinking messaging and number of alcohol units," as reported by The Sun.

According to Alcohol Focus Scotland, one in six women and one in four men consume high amounts of alcohol. Statistics reveal that as many as 1,152 people died due to excessive consumption of alcohol in 2014. Maureen Watt, public health minister, says that the Scottish Government approves and is in support of the alcohol product labelling.

'Many people are unaware of the calorie content of alcoholic drinks, so this is an important step forward in informing consumers and, as such, we are happy to support Tennent's commitment today,' she said.

'Raising awareness on alcohol labels is an important tool to allow consumers to make informed, positive lifestyle choices, change their drinking habits and drink more responsibly,' says Daily Mail

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