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Music Benefits Highlighted by Apple and Sonos in a Collaborative Ad Campaign

Update Date: Feb 12, 2016 11:32 AM EST

Apple Music and Sonos join hands to introduce a speaker platform. As a result, the two companies teamed up to design a comprehensive ad that features the benefits of listening to music on a speaker.

The ad campaign, Music Makes it Home, is built on statistics from a study conducted by Sonos that involved 30,000 families, revealing positive correlations between listening to music and improved quality of life. Marketing Magazine, UK Publication reports that the survey showed benefits of music in sexual activity, mood, relationship happiness and other such metrics.

To make a stronger case on TV spots and social media posts, the companies asked 30 families to participate in this social experiment where each of the family members were restricted from listening to music in the house for a week. After the period of deprivation, music was reintroduced with Apple Music blaring on Sonos wireless system. The data from the experiment was recorded in devices including Apple Watch, that provided the heart rate, motion, and activity of the participants. In-house movement was monitored with the help of Nest camera and iBeacons. Sonos gathered data about the type of tracks that were played in the house and at what volume, as reported by Apple Insider.
Together, these two companies can benefit from each other's partnership. As Apple gets access to the customer base of Sonos, estimated to be at least 5-million homes, Sonos will enjoy the exposure to iTunes users. According to the Marketing Chief od Sonos, Joy Howard, this collaboration bring value to the table for both the companies. "How do you value an email to the iTunes user base? How do you value [an iPhone]? They are putting skin in the game, we're definitely putting skin in the game," Howard said. "It's all proportional to our ability."

The experiment footage will be aired in 30 and 60-second TV spots that will premiere on Grammy Awards ceremony on Monday, Feb 15th, says Apple Insider

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