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Aliens Might Take Over The Earth If they Ever Visit Us, Says Scientist

Update Date: Feb 08, 2016 11:42 AM EST

If aliens touched down on our planet, it might no longer remain ours, says astronomer, co-founder and leading scientist at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), Jill Tarter, explained to TechCrunch. Aliens, in fact, will be calling the shots and drawing up the rules.

Still, another idea that could be thought of as contrary to such a point is that the ability to travel through the galaxy also makes it possible that the aliens live in harmony.

SETI is also seeking radio waves and optical signals that might indicate alien technology. Our own modern technologies, though, might really not yet be on the same page to live up to theirs.

"We may not have invented the right way to do this yet," she said.

In fact, our lack of development and progress is probably why we still have not discovered aliens yet, according to Deccan Chronicle.

What about aliens? Do they know that we exist?

Astronaut John Grunsfeld believes so. Through the tracking and monitoring of various changes in the environment that we have made, they are bound to know, he feels.

"We put atmospheric signatures that guarantee someone with a large telescope 20 light years away could detect us," said Grunsfeld. "If there is life out there, intelligent life, they'll know we're here."

Tarter's love for extraterrestrial research is sourced from her desire to uncover the real truth---not just beliefs of people.

"I was so impressed by the idea that, after millennia of asking the philosophers what we should believe about whether there was life out there, suddenly in the middle of the 20th century we had the tools - computers and radio telescopes - that would allow us to try to find out what is rather than what someone told us to believe. I thought, 'this is fabulous,'" she said.

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