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Genetics have a Role to Play in Physical Attraction

Update Date: Jan 31, 2016 03:23 PM EST

While you may think that marriages are made in heaven, a scientific principle is at play to decide your partner! Recent study reveals that genetics have a large role to play in determining your romantic partners. Researchers at University of Edinburgh have found a connection between height of a person and their choice of partners. The research, published in the journal genome Biology, examined the genetic details of 13,000 heterosexual British couples, studying the gene composition in every participant of the study. The researchers analyzed how their own genetic makeup can affect their attraction to a partner. Dr. Albert Tenesa at the University of Edinburgh, lead author of the study, and his team of researchers revealed that the gene that determines a person's height can play a huge role in their attraction to people with certain heights. The study showed that the people normally chose partners that had same height as theirs, as reported by CTV News.

The researchers closely studied the physical traits of the partners chosen by the participants and the importance of genetic variation between the two people. The team revealed that 89% times, genetic variation that determined the height of a person also impacted the preference of height in their mate. In fact, the researchers were able to predict the height of the participant's partners accurately 13% of the times, simply by studying the genetic information that determines their height. "The similarity in height between partners is driven by the observed physical appearance of the partner, specifically their height, rather than influenced by the social or genetic structure of the population we live in," Dr. Tenesa said, said The Malaysian Insider.

The bottom line is that the people will be most attracted to those who resemble themselves, including similar physical characteristics. This important discovery of natural selection, the researchers insist, will have strong biological implications for the human population, reports Eureka Alert

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