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Exclusive Oprah Winfrey's Confessions On Weight Loss: Read Here

Update Date: Jan 31, 2016 03:27 PM EST

Oprah Winfrey, touted as the world's 12th most powerful woman according to Forbes ranking, is using her well-earned societal influence in offering inspirational tips, life-changing advice, and generous amounts of occasional laughs in a 60-minute long private phone interview with fellow Weight Watchers.

In keeping with her signature down-to-earth relatable demeanor, the queen of talk candidly opened up about her successful 26 pound-and-counting weight loss journey.

"I was really at my wit's end. I've actually done no carbs, vegan, protein shakes and green drinks all in one day. What's different for me this time is I've made the decision it's not a diet. The difference for me is I have made the shift to this is the way I am going to live for the rest of my life." remarked Winfrey who joined the diet company's board last fall as quoted by ABC News.

So, how did she do it?

In an article penned for the People Magazine, Oprah talked about 5 key things on losing weight which made a big difference for her:

  1. Don't get fixated by a weight goal. For her, weight loss is not a diet-driven journey but rather a 'change for life'.
  2. You don't need to totally avoid your favorite junk food. It can be depressing to stay away from cholesterol-laden potatoes whom you are married to for life! Just regulate your consumption of unhealthy eats that's all.
  3. Embrace reality. Frustration is always part of your weight loss journey even if it means looking painfully at your closet filled with clothes you can no longer wear.
  4. Don't be too self-conscious about doing something new. Yoga classes or other forms of exercises might be an embarrassing endeavor in the beginning but who cares if you fall over doing a downward facing dog. Try to get it over and done with.
  5.  A little bit of indulgence won't hurt. Alcohol in moderate consumption gives you a sane kick in the head.

Right after her interview, the Oprah effect sent Weight Watchers' stocks to new heights soaring 20% to reach $13.29 per share according to The Guardian.

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