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Math Shows Moon Landing Unlikely A Hoax

Update Date: Jan 27, 2016 12:08 PM EST

If you believe the moon landing was a big hoax, here is some mathematical reason to believe it was not.

A mathematician in the UK has developed equations that show how long it would take for a conspiracy to unravel depending on the number of people who are part of it. He predicts given enough time, all bluffs will eventually be called. That the moon landing 'conspiracy' has not been unraveled yet, long after it should it has been exposed, indicates it could be true, BBC reports.

"It is common to dismiss conspiracy theories and their proponents out of hand but I wanted to take the opposite approach, to see how these conspiracies might be possible. To do that, I looked at the vital requirement for a viable conspiracy - secrecy," said Dr. David Grimes, the Oxford mathematician.

Dr. Grimes tested his equations and improved them using three real-life conspiracies that had been raveled. These include NSA's PRISM project that was famously exposed by Edward Snowden. The other two were a (un)famous pharma and FBI scandal.

The equations developed by Dr. Grimes concurred with the stated time these controversies and frauds remained undercover. Eventually it was someone from among the conspirators who blew the cover, which Dr. Grimes predicts will eventually happen with all bluffs.

As for the moon landing, he points out that if it were a fraud, one of the 411,000 NASA employees would have called the bluff in about 3.7 years. That has not happened, and it thus makes mathematical sense to assume the landing was less of a hoax.

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