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It Would be a Mistake to Create Terminator Style Robots, Say Scientists

Update Date: Jan 26, 2016 10:51 AM EST

Angela Kane representative for Disarmament Affairs of German UN from 2012-2015 expressed her concern about the lethal technology and said that the world is complacent in taking proactive methods to protect the humanity. "It may be too late," she told a debate in Davos. "There are many countries and many representatives in the international community that really do not understand what is involved. This development is something that is limited to a certain number of advanced countries," Kane said. According to the scientists, deploying autonomous weaponry could unleash a new era of warfare. "We are not talking about drones, where a human pilot is controlling the drone," said Stuart Russell, professor of computer science at University of California, Berkeley. "We are talking about autonomous weapons, which means that there is no one behind it. AI: artificial intelligence weapons," he told a forum in Davos. "Very precisely, weapons that can locate and attack targets without human intervention," as reported by Discovery News

Russell also added that he did not anticipate a day in which the robots are fighting the human wars and one side ends up saying "OK you won, so you can have all our women."

In an open letter last July, more than 1,000 science and technology experts, including renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking, said that it is only a matter of when the weapons with the autonomous decision making will be developed will be possible in the next few years and not decades. They collectively called for a prohibition on these autonomous weapons that may not be easily controlled by humans. They also warned that the world is at a risk of being in the clutches of artificial intelligence powered arms race. They also pointed out about the risk of these weapons falling into the wrongful hands of violent extremists, Discovery News reported

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