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Young Adults Unaware of the Symptoms of Stroke

Update Date: Jan 15, 2016 09:20 AM EST

Young adults may not recognize symptoms such a arm weakening, facial drooping and, speech problems as the signs of a stroke. According to, scientists revealed that 45 years old and younger adults are most likely going to delay their trip to the ER for treatment. The study says that younger patients do not realize the urgency of the symptoms that may be a stroke. As per the findings, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center said that stroke has become a higher cause of death. "I think what happens in the younger-age range, you have the feeling that you're invincible and truly you are not invincible. So 45 and younger, typically about 10 percent of strokes are in that age range," Janet Marshman, the stroke coordinator at Sentara RMH, said. also added that the younger adults may not be taking the symptoms too seriously and underestimating the risk of a stroke.

WebMD also added that the it is very crucial to give timely treatment for stroke as it can become fatal otherwise. As per a recent survey, 3/4th of young Americans delay in rushing to the hospital even though they experience symptoms of stroke. A surprising 73% of a 1,000 correspondents said that if faced with stroke symptoms, they will perhaps wait for it to get better rather than rush to the hospital. "There is a very limited window in which to start treatment because the brain is very sensitive to a lack of blood flow or to bleeding, and the longer patients wait, the more devastating the consequences," David Liebeskind, a doctor at RMH and director of outpatient neurovascular and stroke programs, said.

The authors of the study, according to WebMD, said that if someone is experiencing stroke symptoms, they should just look for signs of face drooping, arm weakness, difficulty in speech and make a call to 911 immediately, says Latinos Health

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