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Khloe Kardashian Reveals What Made Her Drop 40 Pounds

Update Date: Jan 14, 2016 01:06 PM EST

Khloé Kardashian has reduced about 40 pounds and looks stunning. She has put out updates on her weight loss, with news of her diet as well as her intense fitness routine.

"I definitely think the physical and mental go hand in hand. I feel so good in the gym that it [affects] the rest of my day," Kardashian, 31, told People  about dropping 40 pounds. "It's a healthy addiction. It's like buying your sanity!"

Going to the gym for four days a week with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson has taken a toll, but it's also important to her. Meanwhile, she makes it a point to eat well.

"I want whatever is quick, so having healthy items available when I'm hungry, there's no excuse," Kardashian continued to tell People of her fresh diet. "I don't deprive myself. I'll still have a piece of cake; I just won't have two of them!"

However, in between, she had to bring her routine to a pause when her estranged husband Lamar Odom got hospitalized in October after a "near-fatal" drug encounter.

"Mentally, it took its toll on me," she said. "But for the first month, I wasn't even really thinking about that. It wasn't about me. But once I started getting my feet back under me a little bit, I was like, oh my God, I need to get back to my routine."

It was a bit of a drag, but she managed it at last. "My stamina was affected," she explained. "I do these drills where I'm running, and I realized how out of breath I was compared to how I normally was. But I worked so hard to get there, I couldn't lose it."

Last month, she reported that dropping dairy from her diet made her lose 11 pounds alone. "I'm obsessed with cheese and milk, but eliminating them from my diet (I did it gradually) made the biggest difference," she said. "In a month and a half, I lost 11 pounds just from not eating dairy, without doing anything else different."

Watch "Kocktails with Khloé" premiere on FYI on Jan. 20. The reality star is thrilled about it. "I want it to be really versatile," she said to HNGN at a press conference  while promoting the show last week. "I still want the conversation to be really broad, gritty, honest and natural. It'll still be naughty and risqué, that's why we're doing it for late night because that's more me. I get to be vulnerable and what I talk about is honest."

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