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Self Charging Battery Developed by MIT

Update Date: Jan 12, 2016 11:09 AM EST

Many gadgets, biological, machine or environmental, use the energy from minute motions to offer limitless source of power. Scientists at MIT have used this phenomenon to generate a new technique. In their latest offering, the scientists have revealed that natural movements and actions can be used for harvesting energy. This technology is based on a few layers of metal and polymer. In a paper presented by MIT professor, Ju Li, graduate students Sangtae Kim and Soon Ju Choi along with four others discussed the slight bending of a sandwich of metal and polymer sheets, as described in a journal Nature Communications, said MIT News. The best case-in-point here is rubbing a balloon against a sweater to generate electricity.

Another concept used is that of piezoelectricity. In this method, the crystals are for the generation of current after they are manipulated and/or squeezed. Vibrations too may be used in the same manner. However, when it is about working out or walking, the harvesting of energy may not be that easy. The technology uses lithium ion batteries. It is a cost-effective technology that can be used as a wearable gadget. It is the electrochemical nature of this technology that is being used and thin plates of lithium are used as electrodes. These layers consist of permeable polymer that drips electrolyte between them. The system uses physical energy as an input to create an output of electric energy. When the devices are controlled, they work in such a way that excess electricity is produced. This electricity can fuel an external device, as per I4U news.

Once this system becomes common and acceptable, fuel cells and solar energy will fall into disuse. The device created is highly reliable and can be relied on to improve the abilities of mankind, said I4U News

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