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Single Moms More Likely To Be Sleep Deprived

Update Date: Jan 11, 2016 03:04 PM EST

Its official! Single mothers are the most sleep deprived in the United States, with single fathers coming in at close second.

According to Tech Times, a Center for Disease Control and Prevention Survey found that nearly half of all single mums with children aged under-18 years, are sleep deprived.

"Overall, single parents with children under age 18 years were more likely to have shorter sleep duration than adults in two-parent families with children under age 18 and adults living without children under age 18," the CDC report said.

The survey revealed that 43.5 % of single mothers reported getting less than seven hours of sleep during 24-hour period while 37.5 % fathers voiced a similar complaint. Couples in two-parent families did better. Only 32 % said they were sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation was a complaint only among 30 % of the families without children.

Sleep deprivation of single parents was also linked to insomnia, the survey indicates.

"Among women, roughly one-quarter of single parents frequently had trouble falling asleep, which was greater than the 14.3% of women in two-parent families and 18.5% of women living without children who frequently had trouble falling asleep," the survey noted. Single parents also had trouble staying asleep and woke up frequently not feeling well-rested.

The consequences of inadequate sleep resulted in the increased likelihood of single-parents being dependent on sleep medication, CDC warned.

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