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Motherhood Makes Women Smarter, Study

Update Date: Jan 09, 2016 01:31 PM EST

Contrary to the myth that a pregnant woman acquires a baby brain, which reduces her cognitive functioning and intelligence, research says that giving birth actually improves a woman's employability and performance. It makes her more productive, according to the Daily Mail.

Post-natal brains are said to rewire themselves to think strategically and fight stress effectively. Moreover, a child can boost emotional resilience and improve the effectiveness of "timid women" in their offices.

The "baby brain" idea was probably due to cultural and social priming, which made women view themselves and their own brainpower negatively.

"Being able to be more efficient in your decision-making, being emotionally resilient, maybe being able to engage in different strategies to solve a problem... that sounds like a wonderful executive or manager to me," research scientist Kelly Lambert told New Scientist.

Earlier, research had said that the brain shrinks by up to 7 percent during pregnancy. However, a study pointed to a "subsequent expansion", even as women start to employ strategic methods of managing stress, exercising judgment and empathy, according to the Telegraph.

"After returning from maternity leave, I began to notice unexpected changes - where I used to be a fairly anxious person, after having my twins, it was much harder to rattle me," said Sally Adee, a features editor at New Scientist. "My to-do list also seemed to evaporate more readily. When I started looking into the science behind all this, I found researchers had uncovered some really surprising changes that maternity causes in the brain."

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