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CERN Gets a New Boss, Also Called Millennium Physicist

Update Date: Jan 05, 2016 10:02 AM EST

Fabiola Gianotti, the new boss to CERN, largest particle accelerator in the world, is called a new breed of scientist. Starting off with arts and literature, her entrance into physics came very late. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, jogging and listening to music while keeping a keen eye on the world news. Dr. Monica Dunford, senior scientist at University of Heidelberg in Germany, said that Fabiola "embodies for me what's much more the millennium physicist, not so geeky, much more well-rounded, diverse, passionate." She added, "Fabiola brings freshness to science: She's incredibly energetic, incredibly passionate, has a lot of different talents. ... She has a degree in piano in addition to physics," Dunford said, as reported by Twin Cities.

Gianotti will be the first woman to become the Director General from 1st Jan and will be succeeding Germany's Rolf Heuer. She says that she is not want to be in the "front stage" at this world-renowned laboratory but wants to help produce science that can explain how the universe works. In an interview that was held at the conference room at CERN because her office was in a mess due to the move, Gianotti ruminated over the community where Nobel laureates eat lunch with 25-year-old students of PhD, says CTV news. "CERN is a special place where we do fund research by bringing together experts from over the planet -- great scientists -- but also a huge amount of young people," she said. It's "a democratic environment in that there are no barriers."

Fabiola was picked amongst the three candidates by a team of representatives of its 20 member states. Gianotti joined CERN in 1994 and by 2009, she became a project leader of the Atlas collaboration that was working with one other team to spot Higgs in the Large Hadron Collider data, reports Zee News

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