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A New App Differentiates Between Baby’s Crying Sounds

Update Date: Dec 31, 2015 09:19 AM EST

Taiwanese researchers developed an app that can differentiate between variety of crying baby sounds. The Infant Cries Translator has been developed by National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin and is capable of differentiating between four different sounds by recording it and then comparing it to a huge database. The researchers collected more than 200,000 crying baby sounds from 100-newborn babies over a period of two years and uploaded this information on an online database. The individual screams were analyzed by the researchers, Chang Chuan-Yu and Dr. Chen Si-Da, to identify subtle differences between acoustics, reported NBC News.

The app will show the analysis of the baby's cries within 15-seconds on the user's phone. The accuracy of the app, said the researchers, is approximately 92% for infants that are two weeks old. Through this app, the parents can be informed when the child is sleepy, hungry, in pain or has a wet diaper. As the baby grows older, the analysis becomes less accurate. "The Infant Cries Translator can differentiate four different statuses of sounds of baby crying, including hunger, the diaper getting wet, sleepy and pain," said Chuan-yu. "So far, according to the feedback from users, the accuracy of the app we've tested can reach 92 percent for babies under two weeks old. As for the babies under one or two months, the accuracy of the app can also reach up to 84 or 85 percent. Even for the four-month old baby, the accuracy can reach 77 percent," said Fox News

The creators say that after six months, the app becomes less useful as the baby becomes more affected by the environment. However, they still believe that it can be used by the parents as a helpful tool, especially the first-time parents. The app keeps updating its database to a cloud drive, as per Science Daily

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