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Incontinence, a health Condition That People Tolerate Silently

Update Date: Dec 30, 2015 10:46 AM EST

According to a guidance published by NHS England, experts suggest that people normally choose to suffer in silence than talk about their problem because it is embarrassing. This has called for a better training for medical staff. There are as many as 14 million patients in UK alone who have a problem controlling their bladder or suffer from bowel issues. Around 900,000 children and young adults face difficulties on a daily basis. The patients need to be told about the options and treatments that are available. However, before that, people need to be encouraged to come out and talk about it, said BBC News. According to the research, the continence care quality varies significantly across the country and can even be called poor for the elderly.

As per NHS England, continence problems are curable and can be managed better. Sometimes, exercise and lifestyle changes does the trick and there are other times when surgery and medication is required. The wide-ranging guidance suggested that the continence care should be integrated across education services, health and care so that the people do not have to repeat their condition to each setting over and over again. Sara Elliott, of NHS England, said: "Millions of people are affected by continence problems, but it is an issue that they are still too embarrassed to talk about. This means that too many people are suffering in silence and not receiving the care and support they need." She added that with the new guidance, she hopes that people would seek help and offers them assurance, according to BBC News

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