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Kidney Damage Risk Amplified by Slightly Increased Blood Sugar Levels

Update Date: Dec 30, 2015 09:52 AM EST

If your blood sugar levels are even slightly higher than the normal but not diabetic, you may still face an increased risk of kidney damage, suggests a Norwegian study. When compared with people who have normal blood sugar levels, individuals who have slightly abnormal blood glucose levels are likely to face problems linked to kidney damage due to abnormal filtration of blood and higher amount of protein albumin in the urine, said the study, as reported by Reuters.

Generally, one in adults are suffering from diabetes which is often caused due to aging and obesity. It is also developed when the body can't make enough or properly use the insulin hormone to convert sugar into energy. Even though the link between diabetes and kidney disease has been well established, the doctors diverge about how much sugar level is too high that can be risky without the disease. They also disagree about the diagnosis and the method to treat patients with only slightly high blood glucose levels. For the purpose of study, Dr. Toraf Melsom from the University of North Norway and his colleagues examined blood sugar levels and kidney damage indicators in 1,261 people aged between 50 and 62 who did not have diabetes. The blood glucose was measured in fasting fasting patients and by measuring the hemoglobin A1c, according to Yahoo News.

Researchers analyzed the people whose sugar levels on the borderline, ranging on diabetic, showed a risk of kidney issues. Previous research shows that diabetes is the leading cause of kidney damage. "Our research shows that the pathological process of kidney injury caused by elevated blood glucose levels starts in prediabetes, well before the onset of diabetes," study author Dr. Toralf Melsom, an associate professor and senior consultant in the nephrology department at University Hospital of North Norway, said in a news release, as per Science World Report 

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