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Warning Signs of a Cardiac Arrest Ignored by Many, Says Study

Update Date: Dec 30, 2015 10:14 AM EST

A new study conducted by medical researchers revealed that most people either ignore or accidently miss the cardiac arrest signs. The researchers said that these symptoms some times appear for months and even weeks before the people start to feel something is terribly wrong and for the condition to take its full effects, Mohave Daily News reported.

Cardiac arrest is one of the most common conditions and claims up to 3,50,000 lives every year in U.S. It is not a heart attack but a time when heart just stops beating. Even though CPR may buy you the critical time, however, very few patients have survived so far. An unusual study carried out in Portland, Oregon, tracked the cases of sudden cardiac arrest for more than a decade and finally found the answer by using the witnesses, interviews of friends and family after a patient collapses and also tracked their medical records, as per Daily Progress.

The middle-aged individuals were interviewed for the purpose of study who experienced cardiac arrest. Many patients reported that they experienced shortness of breath and mild chest pains at least a month before succumbing to a cardiac arrest. Researchers recommend that one should pay attention to these signs that can help medical professionals in mitigating the risks of cardiac arrest by carrying out preventive measures. "By the time the 911 call is made, it's much too late for at least 90 percent of people," Dr. Sumeet Chugh, the lead author of the study said according to Daily Journal. "There's this window of opportunity that we really didn't know existed." Through this study, the researchers hope that the people will become more informed about their general health. Most importantly, they should not ignore the symptoms of a cardiac arrest and should seek medical attention immediately in case of experiencing it, according to Gracious Column.

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