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How Technology These Days is Taking a Toll on Children

Update Date: Dec 30, 2015 11:02 AM EST

According to the doctors and experts, the latest victims claimed by technology are the children. In a case where a seven-year-old, Raed bin Abddat, is so addicted to the videogames on his mobile phone that his eyes suffered a great damage. So much so that if he did not stop using the electronic screen, he could lose his vision. His mother, Shazia Khan, told Arab News, that Raed spent hours in front of his mobile and PC playing online games. Even if his parents warned him or tried to stop him, he either retaliated or played on his phone or computer secretly. Due to this reason, his eye power became a staggering +3 which the doctors says is the last stage and could lead to blindness if not cared for in time.

Experts say that the technology is affecting the kids in a very bad way. Many children come to the clinic with vision problems due to sitting in front of the TV or computer screens for hours. Doctors say that the children should be encouraged to play outside rather than sitting glued to their screens.

The increased use of computer games amongst young people all over the world is taking its toll on the children and their health. This is especially true in western countries where the kids spend most of their time hooked onto the electronic screens of various devices. A documentary, "Web Junkie," will be shown on PBS on Monday that will highlight the debilitating effects of spending too much time on technological devices that can affect their sleep, eating patterns and also their overall health, reports The New York Times. In an extreme measure, a Chinese rehabilitation center admits children who will be isolated from all forms of media, although its effectiveness is yet to be demonstrated.

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