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Victorian-era Diseases Are All Back In The 21st Century UK

Update Date: Dec 28, 2015 09:48 AM EST

UK is currently facing an alarming resurgence of diseases often associated with Victorian-era epidemics in a recently published report by the National Health Service (NHS).

According to Pulse Headlines, cases of tuberculosis, scurvy, cholera, whooping cough, and scarlet fever recorded an unprecedented dramatic increase across the country.

Waltonian reported that British health authorities documented a 300% upsurge of cholera chases in the last five years.

Tech Times also confirmed a 136% increase of scarlet fever and 38% spike of scurvy cases. While tuberculosis (TB) has seen a significant decrease over time, the number of reported cases is still considerably high especially for a developed country like the UK.

The aforementioned diseases are closely linked with the problems of developing and underdeveloped societies where poor and often inaccessible healthcare system makes people vulnerable to illnesses that are already controllable.

So what drives the resurgence of these Victorian-era diseases in 21st century UK?

Some experts believe that our increasingly globalized and interconnected cross-border set-up is a main factor.

"We live in a world where human populations are increasingly interconnected with one another and with animals - that host novel pathogens. These connections create opportunities for pathogens to switch hosts, cross borders, and evolve new strains that are stronger than what we have seen in the past," told Katherine Smith, an assistant biology professor of Brown University as quoted saying by Consolidate Times.

Others blame the recent spike of outbreaks from the olden times on rising economic inequality and lack of quality public healthcare in some regions.

Uncover Michigan mentioned that economic deprivation in some depressed sections of British society have led to a significant increase of malnutrition which partly accounts for the upsurge of preventable diseases mentioned above.

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