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Stoner-Sloth Ad Campaign Sets Back Anti-Marijuana effort as the People Find it More Hilarious than Effective

Update Date: Dec 24, 2015 02:48 PM EST

New South Wales is unwilling to follow the lead of American states to legalize marijuana. In fact, to discourage the teenagers from smoking pot, the regional government released an ad campaign, 'stoner sloth', that shows stoned teenagers as sloths that perform poorly in their daily lives and social situations. The ad was created by the ad firm Saatchi & Saatchi, reported Oregon Live.

In the ad campaign, the 'stoner sloth' is a person dressed as a sloth and is shown behaving awkwardly in social settings while moaning at their inability to do the task as asked of them. The campaign tag line, "You're Worse on Weed", is a message that the New South Wales wants to send out to its teenagers so that they can discourage them from smoking weed. A compilation of three scenarios, the sloth is seen failing at a family dinner, school and while hanging out with friends. However, the critics are calling the ad more adorable than effective as it fails to send out the message it was supposed to, according to CBC News

The video shows how the person struggle with daily life situations after taking drugs. As the scenario ends, a group member is seen looking at the sloth disgustedly and mumbling the phrase "stoner sloth". The video is supposed to discourage the youth from smoking weed by highlighting the ways it can impact their lives. However, rather than being effective, the ad is being taken too casually and although popular on social media, it is failing to make the impact it was supposed to. Mike Baird MP, who was responsible for making the ad, wrote: "Not sure where NSW Gov ad guys found Chewbacca's siblings, but those videos are... quite something." Max Walden added: "Really dislike the drug but was a singe young person consulted in the making of these stupid ads? Nobody will take #stoner sloth seriously," as per Mirror.

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