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Cosmic Lightsaber Images Released by NASA

Update Date: Dec 22, 2015 04:31 PM EST

NASA recently released cosmic images on the event of the release of seventh franchise of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This image resembles the famed lightsaber that seems to piercing the dark space. The space agency said that the lightsaber was discovered in the area where new stars born. The images released looks closely like the weapon weiled in the popular space film, Star Wars. The image was released strategically to coincide with the latest Star Wars movie that has broken all records of ticket sales at the box office. Amongst some positive affirmations, NASA also attracted derision. Facebook user Isobelle Fox comented, "Dear NASA, We like science. We like information. We don't have to be sold on it using pop culture references." The double-bladed lightsaber was spotted and captured by the Hubble Telescope in our own Milky Way galaxy some 1,350 light years away from earth, reported West Texas News.

"In the centre of the image, partially obscured by a dark, Jedi-like cloak of dust, a newborn star shoots twin jets out into space as a sort of birth announcement to the universe," a NASA official stated in a press statement. NASA explained that when a new star is formed inside the huge cloud of cool molecular hydrogen, some of its material crashes under gravity and forms a flattened disk that encircles the newly formed star. The superheated material that is expelled on the escape route is what gives it the lightsaber like appearance, reports International Business Times.

There were many people on the internet that praised the beauty of the image and also liked the movie reference in a humorous way. However, their were others who seemed unhappy about NASA's juvenile attempt to use the Star Wars popularity to their advantage, according to Fox 2 News.

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