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Horror Films Can Actually, Really 'Curdle' The Blood

Update Date: Dec 19, 2015 02:54 PM EST

Horror movies can literally cause the blood to curdle according to a recent Dutch-led study published in the British Medical Journal.

The expression "bloodcurdling" has been a staple advertising statement for many of Hollywood's extremely frightening and hair-raising horror flicks. The expression, however, is now proven to be grounded in medical reality.

In an enterprising study by medical researchers from Leiden University in Netherlands, fear does facilitate blood clotting which prepares the body for any life-threatening situation.

The results of their study showed that watching scary flicks is linked to an increase of blood-coagulant Factor VIII- the blood's clotting protein which minimizes blood loss according to a report by Business Standard.

Twenty-four volunteers were invited to become participants of the study and had their blood samples taken before and after watching a distinctly creepy haunted house film "Insidious" and a non-horror educational flick "A Year in Champagne."

According to The Telegraph, the coagulant Factor VIII levels were found to be higher after the volunteers watched "Insidious". The blood clotting agent saw a 57% increase when the scary film was played. The level significantly dropped 86% when the participants were exposed to the non-alarming French wine documentary.

What does the study suggest?

The results of the research implied an interesting underlying notion about the evolutionary benefits arising from the mutual association between fear and blood coagulation.

"Fearful situations often come together with trauma or injury. So from this evolutionary perspective it would be good to prepare your body for blood loss," told Banne Nemeth, the lead proponent of the study as quoted saying by The Guardian.

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