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Full Moon on Christmas for the First Time Since 1977

Update Date: Dec 15, 2015 02:26 PM EST

Expect Christmas night to be lit up by the full moon sky, first time since 1977, told a spokesperson from NASA to ABC News. This celestial phenomenon will not repeat itself until 2034. The full moon will reach the zenith by 6:11 A.M., eastern standard time, according to ABC.

According to Farmers' Almanac, the last full moon of the year in December is known as the Full cold moon and also called Moon before Yule. Due to its opposite position from the low sun, the moon gains high trajectory across the sky. It is called the cold moon because the December nights are the coldest and darkest and the winter cold seeps in, preparing for the surge of winters, note the Farmer's Almanac. Since 1900s, only three full moons have adorned the night sky on Christmas. This will be the fourth time.

A live broadcast from Apollo 8, astronauts Jim Lovell, Frank Borman and Bill Anders speak verses from the Bible's book of Genesis as the Earth images flash across the screen, "We were told that on Christmas Eve we would have the largest audience that had ever listened to a human voice," Borman said in 2008, on the 40th anniversary of the feat. "And the only instructions that we got from NASA was to do something appropriate. The first ten verses of Genesis is the foundation of many of the world's religions, not just the Christian religion," explained Lovell. "There are more people in other religions than the Christian religion around the world, and so this would be appropriate to that and so that's how it came to pass," reported UPI.

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