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Chipotle Faces Deeper Trouble with New Cases of Outbreak

Update Date: Dec 14, 2015 10:52 AM EST

Chipotle Mexican Grill reported two different cases of food-borne illness within a few months that has affected its reputation significantly. Following the reports, the Chipotle decided to close many of its restaurants in October in the Northwest due to E. Coli wave that were linked back to the restaurant. To this date, it is not clear what initiated the problem in the first place. To make matters worse for the food chain, after the link to the food-borne disease was linked back to the restaurants in Northwest, there were subsequent connections of the same E. Coli in other restaurants across the United States, again the reason for the illness is unknown, reports Forbes.


Boston reported 120 cases of illness and most of them were the students in Boston college. The people affected by the sickness also include 8 college basketball team members. The team is scheduled to play against Providence and it remains uncertain as to how the team will play. Most of the people who got sick in Boston also reported eating in one of the adjoining stores in the neighborhood. Even though the repeated reports caused fear of a link to E. Coli occurrence in Pacific Northwest to Chipotle restaurants, it seems like the incident in Boston may not be related to the E. Coli outbreak and the primary investigations suggest that the cause of sickness of the Boston College could be another organism responsible for the disease, as per The Times Gazette

Norovirus is thought to be the reason behind the Boston incident. Although the virus is mostly snubbed, it is not as life-threatening as compared to the E. Coli strains or Salmonella. However, it is a more common source that leads to sickness due to food contamination, as per CDC. Chipotle has closed its Boston restaurant amid investigations as Norovirus is highly contagious and spreads from one person to another, as per Forbes.

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