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Drinking Alcohol Linked to Extended Life among Patients with Mild Alzheimer’s

Update Date: Dec 12, 2015 03:27 PM EST

Drinking alcohol is not exactly bad for one's health. In fact, a new research suggested that moderate alcohol intake could add more years to people diagnosed with mild forms of dementia.

In the Danish-led research dubbed as Danish Alzheimer's Intervention Study (DAISY), 321 patients with mild Alzheimer's and their drinking habits were carefully observed. The study revealed that those who consumed alcohol on a daily basis had 77% higher chances of living longer than those who drank only occasionally or not at all as reported by Healthline.

"The results of our study point towards a potential, positive association of moderate alcohol consumption on mortality in patients with Alzheimer's disease," confirmed Professor Frans Boch Waldorff of University of Southern Denmark Odense as quoted saying by Latinos Health.

The outcomes of the study seemed like going against our preconceived notions about the health risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Even as factors such as age, sex, cognitive functioning, quality of life, smoking, and education were taken into account, results remained consistent as mentioned by Business Standard.

However, scientists cautiously remarked that the study was not intended to determine the causality of the results as it brings more questions than answers.

On the other hand, researchers explained that lower death risks can also be explained by other equally influential factors.

For one, Prof. Waldorff speculated that the health benefits linked to moderate drinking may be attributed to the drinkers' amount of socialization according to Time.

Other experts also shared Prof. Waldorff's views.

 "Drinking is often a social activity, and factors such as social interaction have previously been shown to benefit people with dementia, so this could well have a part to play in these results," said Dr. Doug Brown of Alzheimer's Society as directly quoted by The Telegraph.

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