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On International Animal Rights Day, Spare A Thought For The Rights Of Living Beings

Update Date: Dec 11, 2015 12:43 PM EST

On December 10, it is the National as well as International Animal Rights Day. It is our special duty to treat them with kindness, which will reflect our own nature as kind, gentle beings, according to HNGN.

Hence, on International Animal Rights Day (IARD), we need to recognise that every living being deserves some kindness and respect. "Vivisections, abuse, factory farming, poaching, puppy mills, exploitation and research" all lead to a miserable existence for them. It is our role to recognise that we need to co-exist in peace and amity.

This year's atrocities are innumerable---as every year's is. But a few moves in the right direction have also been taken. Hawaii was the first state to ban the use of wild animals at circus performances.

Jon and Tracey Stewart as well as Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner gave their farms to nonprofit charities they worked closely with.

A number of big fast-food firms have set a deadline for become 100 percent cage-free with regard to their eggs, which made big factory farms set their own timelines on cage-free existence for chickens.

At Phoenix, Arizona, they have announced that puppies will not be sold at shopping malls. Hence, pet stores will offer pets only at local rescues and animal shelters.

Would you like to contribute, in your small way? An important step that you can take is becoming a vegan. However, if that is not possible, you can pick up only "cage-free eggs and hormone free, antibiotic free meat". If you become familiar with which companies test on animals, then you can buy "hair care, cosmetics, cleaning products and skin care" products that have asserted that they will not test on animals. The products need to announce "not tested on animals" with labels.

So let us contribute, in our small way, to move towards a kinder world, in which everyone is required to help animals enjoy their rights.

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