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Carter’s Miracle Drug Offers Hope Among Melanoma Cancer Patients

Update Date: Dec 10, 2015 08:49 AM EST

News of former US President Jimmy Carter's surprising recovery from melanoma cancer was attributed to recent scientific breakthroughs in the development of immunotherapeutic medicine.

Keytruda, the key drug responsible for Carter's recent triumph over melanoma cancer, has taken the limelight along with other promising drugs collectively labeled as immunotherapies.

According to Times of Israel, the drug was the result of an Israeli-led research which focuses on harnessing the body's natural immune system in fighting off malignant cancer cells and tumors.

For quite some time, cancer treatment research has shifted towards unlocking the secrets of the immune system in repealing cancer threats.

As mentioned in Healthline, an immune system-based approach has better chances of minimizing recurrences without having the need to undergo therapies with destructive side effects.

However, experts are also quick to advise everyone not to get overly excited.

"I don't think we know yet how much of the success is related to Keytruda," Dr. Len Lichtenfeld of American Society cautiously remarked over the premature enthusiasm after news of Carter's recovery broke out as reported in a separate Healthline article.

As of now, it will take some time before Keytruda achieves the so-called "miracle" or "wonder" drug status. More researches have to be undertaken to ascertain the promising drug's efficacy.

Nevertheless, the breakthrough does represent a significant glimmer of hope for patients suffering from melanoma cancer.

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