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Research Suggests the #1 Body Part to Concentrate on for Others to Find You Attractive

Update Date: Dec 10, 2015 09:02 AM EST

There are many people who have personal goals when it comes to weight loss journeys, most these people find motivation in the approval of others. Which brings us to the question, how much weight loss is necessary for the people to begin to notice? It is common for people to use their old pictures on social networking sites and dating apps. This is because as you age, the fat and years start to show on your face. The researchers at University of Toronto suggest that for the others to find you more appealing, this is exactly the place where you should start to lose weight, reports Yahoo News.

As soon as you lose about 8-9 pounds of weight, the facial change becomes noticeable. However, it takes twice as much to appear more attractive. More specifically, women would need to lose up to 14 pounds and men about 18 pounds to be considered as attractive. The face, they say, has the highest sex appeal. Nicholas Rule, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Cognition at University of Toronto, says that the beauty with regards to weight in the face is an indicator of health. Face is the most accurate way of measuring a person's BMI which is also indicates overall health. A heavy person will have a heavier face and is more exposed to diseases, as per Yahoo News.

If you are trying to lose weight, then one can notice a difference in their waistline soon after losing a few pounds. The research says that people should not get discouraged if the others don't notice the change, unless they see you naked. The bottom line is that if you are looking for approval of others then you need to focus on losing weight from your face to appear your younger attractive self, says Yahoo News.

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