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Mammals Might Be 30 Million Years Older Than Thought, Research

Update Date: Dec 08, 2015 05:54 PM EST

A huge debate that is raging on earth discusses when mammals first appeared. Some new research is making scientists examine whether mammals diversified 30 million years before it was thought, according to the Guardian.

Researchers use two classes to label the animals that are seen to belong to the ancestry: mammaliformes and crown mammals.

The early ones, who were ancestors to the modern warm-blooded milk makers are crown mammals. However, mammaliformes are a "side branch of evolutionary ancestry" that are "like mammals".

The Haramiyavia clemmenseni, a rodent-like animal, that is among the "earliest known proto-mammals" is being researchd by scientists at the University of Chicago as well as other universities for a study.

The study shows that the Haramiyavia clemmensi belongs to the mammaliformes, not the crown mammals. Hence, these mammals seemed to have roots in the Triassic period, after which they evolved into the Jurassic period.

Hence, humans survived not only the cataclysm that destroyed dinosaurs, but also that which made dinosaurs the rulers.

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