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Gender Related Difference in Male-Female Brain, Say Scientists

Update Date: Dec 04, 2015 02:06 PM EST

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel conducted an experiment where they examined brains of more than 1,400 people. As per the findings of the analysis, even though sometimes men had larger hippocampus than women, but it was existent only in a few cases. In other words, despite the stereotypical gender behaviors, there were a handful of cases where the individual brains were tipped towards the men-end or the women-end. However, in most cases, the brains of both male and female carried same characteristics. The scientists said that if the brains of male and female were indeed dimorphic based on their sexes, there would be obvious differences visible in the examination, reports Ledger Gazette.

Neuroscientist and author Lise Eliot said that anyone who is apprised with the current data on gender differences would be aware that there is no such thing as a gender-specific brain, the same way there is no gender specific heart. "Our results demonstrate that ... human brains can not be categorized into two distinct classes", the study states. "But as a society we treat males and females as if we can do that....it is much easier to look at the genitals". The team also studied the psychological difference between men and women. "What we show is that there are multiple ways to be male and female, there is not one way, and most of these ways are completely overlapping," said Daphna Joel, a psychology professor who led the study at Tel-Aviv University, reports The Guardian

The researchers revealed that the difference between male and female brain were not very significant. The study participants were scored on a variety of variables by the scientists. They used attributes like personality traits, relationships, attitudes and activities. Then they measured the traits that were found in a subset of men and women and defined the male/female category based on those traits, as reported by Science Alert.

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