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Brush your teeth with the caffeinated toothpaste

Update Date: Nov 30, 2015 01:57 PM EST

A company has decided to merge caffeine and toothpaste. It is called the Power Energy Toothpaste and will be launched on December 8, 2015.

When you are rushing late in the morning, what is a better way to get your caffeine fix in your toothpaste? Plus, you don't have to worry with messy coffee stains, coffee breath and mugs to clean up. The idea is that instead of spending all that time making coffee in the morning and then waiting for it to take its effects after you drink it down, you can get a much quicker buzz when you smear the caffeine around on your gums while brushing.

The Power Energy Toothpaste will contain 80 milligrams of caffeine per milliliter of toothpaste.

There was a study that says an oral solution of caffeine was very quickly absorbed through the lining of the mouth. There are also caffeinated mints already that got excellent reviews from buyers even though they only have 7 milligrams of caffeine per mint.

Co-founder of Power Toothpaste, Dan Meropol, says his product is classified as a cosmetic under Food and Drug Administration regulations. This means that the toothpaste is safe. It is also not the first cosmetic to contain caffeine. There was already a caffeinated soap before.

"Too many people aren't taking care of their teeth, even when they know they should," Meropol said in a statement. "At Power Toothpaste we believe a big part of this is that oral care hasn't been exciting for decades, and the products that Big Toothpaste is offering just aren't good enough. Our mission is to make oral care fun and exciting again, and above all else, to get people brushing."

The Power Energy Toothpaste will be $15 per tube. "It's a little more than you'd normally pay for a standard tube of toothpaste," Meropol said, "but an incredible value when you consider that you get three months of brushing (90 brushes) from a single tube. Just compare that to the cost of a morning coffee."

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