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Struggling to Maintain Healthy Weight? Your Fat is Fighting Back

Update Date: Nov 30, 2015 02:51 PM EST

A recent study on a lab mice revealed that there might be a new problem for the people who are struggling to keep their weight in check, according to an article on smh.com.au.

As per the researchers, a protein called sLR11, found in mice and also in humans can stop the fat cells in the body from producing energy that can impact an individual's ability to lose the weight. The study also showed that the mice who did not have sLR11 protein had a hard time keeping the weight and they burned fat much quicker than the ones who have the protein. Dr. Andrew Whittle, co-author of the study, noted that the fat that was stored in the mice's body was struggling against the body's effort to burn the fat at molecular level and these findings are extremely crucial in understanding why some overweight individuals have such a hard time losing weight, according to BABW News.

This study gives credibility to those that suggest that losing weight is not always about just burning calories. The previous study by Canadian researchers suggest that different people respond to calories in a different way. The authors suggest that in some people, restricting the calorie intake can actually slow the metabolism down and in an attempt to save the energy and that causes even longer to drop the weight. During fasting for 24-hours in the study, metabolism of some subjects fell while it increased for others in the same circumstances. The experts say that the new study is a conclusive proof that weight loss is a combination of factors and not just the diet. This is why it is important to maintain healthy weight when you are young and slim because the longer you accumulate the weight, the harder it becomes to shed it, according to Deccan Herald.

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