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Video: Ban The Bath, Suggests Swedish King Gustaf. Now Why?

Update Date: Nov 27, 2015 05:00 PM EST

You can contribute to climate conservation by---not bathing!

At least, that is what King Carl Gustaf of Sweden thinks. He is not called an "environmentalist and a green king" for nothing!

He got that brilliant idea when he was staying in a showerless hotel room and needed to use the bathtub to bathe, according to local newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

"It struck me that using a lot of fresh water and energy was not the smartest thing to do. I felt embarrassed about wasting it," the 69-year-old monarch said.

He at first admitted that he was joking. But in "hindsight", he added: "There's truth in it though. It's the small details that have an enormous effect," according to Telegraph.

He had been called a "petrol head" earlier, but he then shifted his car to an "eco-friendly hybrid type", and is planning to green his palace, by changing the heating and lighting system.

"We do what we can here at the palace. It's an ongoing project trying to save energy, but it isn't easy in an old property," he said.

Soon he will be splitting hairs in Paris to join the United Nations climate change conference.

However, while you can appreciate his love for the climate and contribute to conservation, don't start by stopping to bathe.

Bathing helps your body to rid itself of 1,000 species of bacteria and 80 different kinds of fungus you get from the environment, according to Huffington Post. Most of them aren't harmful, but many could make you fall ill. Even your cell phone can invite bacteria to settle on your skin and attack your body's immune system.

"When you don't wash yourself, you make it easy for microbes to wind up in your eyes, nose, mouth and give you all sorts of things from diarrhea to influenza," says the following video.

YouTube/The Huffington Post

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