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Condom Challenge Viral Amongst Teens

Update Date: Nov 26, 2015 10:17 AM EST

First there was the bucket challenge and now there is this! The new viral trend that is taking the teens on the internet by the storm is called #CondomChallenge. Apparently, this new trend started in the month of November in Japan. A video called "Japanese Condom Head Challenge" had been uploaded on the internet and since then has got more than 245,000 views, making its way to the top of Reddit. In this video, a man holds a condom filled with water and drops it on the head of the other man who sits below him. Instead of the condom breaking, it created an amusing visual effect. Many viewers said that it looked like as if a man is drowning in a fish bowl, as reported by Tech Insider.

Since the popularity of this challenge, there have have already been 5,204 videos and images of successful as well as failed attempts on Instagram. This number is also surging on Twitter. However, despite being a new thing on the internet, the teens are already expressing their apprehension regarding its safety. Even though there have been no reported issues yet, it has been pointed out that there may be an increased risk of drowning or choking if the balloon doesn't break soon enough. It is also not sure what the championing of this challenge entails, reports Youth Health Mag.

Ever since the popularity of the social media grew, there has been a significant increase in the number of teens using it for various reasons. The different types of challenges become viral and have been particularly condemned by many for its purpose and safety. The experts say that the latex in the water balloon case cause serious problems if it latches on to the face too tightly, as reported by The Guardian.

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