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Cute Fatal Animals that Can Kill You: ‘Blue Dragon’ Washed up on the Shores of Australia

Update Date: Nov 25, 2015 03:44 PM EST

A rarely found sea creature called the Glaucus Atlanticus, aka, 'Blue Dragon' washed up on the Queensland shores in Australia. This animal is cute and looks like some creature from a cartoon or a game. As attractive as it looks, it can be fatal too. The Blue Dragon, as it is called, oozes out deadly poison if someone touches its body. They float in the tropical waters upside down and prey on blue bottle jellyfish. They swallow the poisonous jellyfish cells and use it on their predators who come dangerously close. A full grown blue dragon minus its shell measures up to inch. The natural camouflage traits help the sea creature to blend in with the blue waters as it floats upside down. Under the water, its silvery shell helps protect against its preys. If they come in contact with humans, they can inflict painful stings as their defense mechanism. If you spot a blue dragon on the beach, it is advised not to touch them, even though they look enticingly beautiful. The best way to admire this creature is from a safe distance, reports Tech Times.

The one that was recently discovered on the Australian seashore of Queensland attracted attention on the beach because of its alluring colors. The video of this sea critter has been going viral on the internet since it washed up from the sea. The video was captured by Lucinda Fry and she uploaded it on Facebook last week. Even though this creature has a small frame, it can unleash poisonous stings on anyone who tries to touch them, as reported by Yahoo! 7 News.

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