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Babies Exposed to Marijuana Have Better Eye Vision- Study

Update Date: Nov 25, 2015 12:18 PM EST

A surprising yet thought-provoking breakthrough claims that babies who are exposed to marijuana while they are in their wombs are subjected to superior vision when they reach the age of four.

The team from the University of Waterloo, Auckland and Brown University, were a bit stunned at their conclusions as how a drug can enrich a child's vision tracking power.

Professor Ben Thompson from the University of Waterloo retains that alcohol and marijuana does have a positive repercussion on the visual process within our brains. Further polishing and enhancing or visions, unborn children who are exposed to such drugs have an eye of intricate details.

The research commencement incorporated four year olds who were exposed to an assorted range of drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, methyl amphetamines, nicotine and alcohol. The fallouts were then compared with children of the same age, but without being exposed to the mentioned elements.

The researchers took the help of meconium, which is the initial faeces of a baby's life and the results indicated that marijuana enhances the global motion perception, which in turns assists the visual motor control, therefore, helping the eyes in tracking and perceiving.

Alcohol, on the other hand rendered a negative impact. Despite optimistic results, the examiners warned that the constant use of cannabis and alcohol is not fully effective. Highlighting the positive implications, the researchers also underlined how drug can impair the brain development and enrichment of a baby in the womb.

Appearing in the journal Scientific Reports, this is clearly a breakthrough as this study is probably the first one in which scientists have disclosed a variety of effects on a child's vision, therefore, making it one of a kind.

According to the Daily Mail, Professor Thomas is optimistic and hopeful regarding the study and is in the process to further dig deeper regarding the brain development and its link with the tracking and perceiving.

According to him, In the future we hope to be able to incorporate brain imaging with the global motion perception test to understand how and why these drugs are interacting with the visual parts of our brains.'

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