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Following A Standard Plan Of Dieting? You Are Doing It Wrong!

Update Date: Nov 24, 2015 03:21 PM EST

Do you ever wonder that despite adhering to a strict diet plan you are unable to cut down the layer of fat which has been surrounding your abdomen since you don't know when! Do you ever feel that the persistent dietary habits you are following everyday are making you more sluggish than helping you shed weight? Well, here is a possible explanation as researchers have unveiled that the exact intent of diet only works when it is well tailored according to an individual's anatomy.

Scientists have suggested that sticking to the traditional method and practice of dieting is probably the wrong choice to opt for. Since every individual's make-up uncovers a different story; no stringent, model diet or food items can play an effective role in terms of losing weight. Therefore, before thinking about diet as a weight-shedding option, it is imperative to go through the biology of the human body.

Published in the Journal Cell, the enquiry has finally laid down the sole explanation for how same food items tend to have a different response for each body. The research highlighted an important aspect present in every diet plan; known as the Atkins or Zone (glycemic index). The GI is said to be fixed and it basically determines how food items tend to have an impact on blood sugar levels. But according to the current discovery, GI does show a discrepancy and is probably associated with variations in terms of impressions. The alteration and variations in GI allow an individual to process the same food items, hence, rendering a completely different response.

Continuing the research, according to Express UK, Lead author of the study, Eran Segal, said: "These are profound differences between individuals - in some cases, individuals have opposite responses to one another."

The study has enlightened layman regarding the true background and has disclosed details regarding dieting. This research has been quite resourceful as individuals can now alter their meal plans based on their respective biology and anatomies. Keeping in view and being totally acquainted with your body can help you catalyze and assist the process of weight-shedding. Being considered as a model, the future of dieting now revolves around understanding the true nature of the human body, which is an essential element in terms of cutting down the weight.

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