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Music Can Help Ease Pain And Lower Level Of Anxiety Before, During and After Surgery

Update Date: Nov 23, 2015 01:53 PM EST

A splendid news for all the music freaks out there as resent research has ascertained that listening to music before and after the process of surgery can catalyze the process of healing and mending to a greater extent.

Instigated by Dr Diana Vetter, at the University of Zurich, hanging on to music before, during and after surgery can help the patients in reducing the amount of pain and anxiety during the surgical process.

Not only that, but music has proved to be a well-known panacea in terms of pain minimization as well as letting down the blood pressure and stabilizing the heart rate.

Dr Vetter commenced the study by analyzing information from 47 studies and examining the impact of music post-surgery. As part of the research, the lead investigator scrutinized cases, including 26 before surgery, 25 during the process and after the post-surgery care.

The results were pretty quenching as the usage of music showed 31% less pain, 29% less chances of medications and 34% less risk of apprehension. With the above mentioned possibilities, music was also linked with 40% diminished blood pressure and 27% lowered heart rate.

Published in the Annals of Surgery, the researchers also maintained that patients who picked out their own playlist and self-appointed the songs were more prone towards a quick and a hasty recovery. Continuing the study, the examiners claimed that individuals who self-appoint songs for their own surgical procedure are indulged in 35% lower pain levels, whereas playlist chosen by the examiners and personnel, the reduction was associated with 26% less pain and anxiety level.

The study has highlighted the optimistic impacts of music and has associated it with a heightened recovery. Axcordingt o Daily mail, Marianne van der Heijden, a researcher at Erasmus Medical Center - Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam says

'Self-selected music interventions shouldn't be difficult to provide at all and could be realized by creating awareness among hospital staff, patients and their family members about the positive effects of music.'

While music makes you super dreamy and allows you to ignore worldy troubles, it can also make you recover quickly and in a much better way.

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