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Sleeping On Weekends Increase The Risk Of Getting Health Problems

Update Date: Nov 23, 2015 10:05 AM EST

Sleeping longer on weekends as a way to compensate sleep debts on weekdays may feel refreshing but may result in the disturbance of the body's regular sleeping pattern and the development of metabolism-related health problems.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism via Ars Technica that the longer weekend rests may contribute to the confusion of circadian rhythms that dictate sleeping patterns in the body as well as metabolic cycles.

The research led by Patricia Wong at the University of Pittsburgh concluded that the change may further result of internal body processes like fat accumulation in tissues, food absorption in the gut, and insulin secretion in the pancreas.

In their methodology, Wong and her team gathered 447 men and women ages 30 to 54. In the seven days testing period, the participants wear devices that measured movement in their sleeping and waking up hours.

In the group, 85 percent spend longer times sleeping in their days off than in their working days.

It has been found out that a positive correlation exists between longer sleeping time on weekends and metabolic risks further saying that sleeping late on weekends may lower good cholesterol. It may also result in the presence of higher triglycerides, higher insulin resistance and higher body mass index-conditions that are linked to obesity and diabetes, The New York Times blog reported.

Wong, however, said that the study did not look into the long-term effects of having longer sleeping hours on weekends and days off.

Meanwhile, Wong recommended that future studies on a person's circadian disturbances should be conducted among larger populations. Also, Wong hoped that the studies will promote workplace education helping employees in making a conscious decision in striking a balance between relaxation and work schedule, BABW News said.

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