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Want to have A Healthy Pregnancy? Conceive at a Standard Weight and Avoid Infant Mortality- Study

Update Date: Nov 23, 2015 10:29 AM EST

Thinking to start a family? Initiating the process of baby making involves countless aspects and features to be taken care of. Being financially and mentally prepared, it is imperative to note that before commencing the process, female health should be meticulously analyzed and scrutinized.

In retrospect, obesity and pregnancy have been clearly associated and researchers have underlined the importance of baby-conception at a normal, healthy age.

The study has established that women who become pregnant at an unhealthy, obese weight are more likely to see their infants' life under threat. Examiners have warned that certain women remain unacquainted with the fact that how weight remains an integral factor during pregnancy. Doctors have advised women that if they are looking for a hale and hearty, robust period of pregnancy they should try to cut down weight and achieve a healthy amount bulk before conceiving.

Leading the research, Dr Lisa Bodnar, an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh, said: 'One in three women start pregnancy at an unhealthy weight and more than half of women gain either too much or too little weight during pregnancy", quotes Daily Mail.

She initiated the survey and analyzed 1.2 million live births in Pennsylvania from 2003 to 2011. Based on the conclusions, 5,530 infant deaths were observed before their first birthdays. As part of the survey, mothers were categorized in groups of three; underweight, normal weight and obese were the main categories and in each classification the link between infant mortality and weight gain was extensively analyzed.

The results thoroughly demonstrated that gaining less than and more weight than the standard amount enhances the hazards of infant mortality.

The entire focus of the research was to create awareness among women so that they can have a well-planned and an organized pregnancy in terms of health. The study co-author Dr. Katherine Himes suggests that obesity and pregnancy are one of the most prevalent concerns and should be tackled. She advises that women should consult their doctors or weight counsellors so that they can have a stable expectancy period.

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