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Tired of Your Runny Nose? Well, Better Brace Yourself As Hay Fever Can Make You Super Depressed

Update Date: Nov 18, 2015 01:52 PM EST

Apparently, the horrors caused by hay fever are not enough as patients who suffer from such types of illness are often accompanied with severe depression.

Initiated at the Yang-Ming University of Taiwan, the researchers examined 10,000 teenagers with hay fever and 30,000 without the malady. After inspecting for more than a decade, the investigators upheld that those teenagers enduring the disease unveiled signs of bi-polar disorders supplemented with other mental health concerns.

Scientists claim that individuals who usually go through an excruciating phase of hay fever are four times more likely to get depressed and accumulate symptoms of mental disorders. The logic revolves around the concept of inflammation as the experts believe that when tissues and vessels become completely inflamed as part of a severe reaction to pollen, your brain is the first part that tends to receive a hostile effect. The men behind the research have maintained that continual low level inflammation for more than a few months can actually allow the body to go through mental variations.

Scientists suspect that brain releases substances known as pro-inflammatory cytokines, establishing themselves in the category of proteins, these are the substances that are responsible for inflammation and therefore, release chemicals in order to battle the external harmful elements such as pollen. Inflammation usually develops when a person's immune system is under attack and normally dwindles when the so called threat is broken down, but complications occur when inflammation is still there.

The research sustains that cytokines are also known to be diminishing the amount of serotonin in the brain, rendering a person as depressed and unhappy.

Despite the rising issue, researchers claim iBrufen, the anti-inflammatory drugs to be the sole panacea for the concern.

Backing the findings, the Daily Mail quotes that according to Dr Valeria Mondelli, one of the researchers claim that 'inflammation is a natural response, up to a certain level it can protect the brain against infection. 'But if it is chronic, then it appears to start to damage brain cells'.

In a nutshell, the current research has presented a beneficial outcome as your runny nose can actually make you depressed for the day! With proper care and professional assistance, you can scupper the allergic reaction and wipe out depression from your brain.

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