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Mental Health Awareness - Men Also Go Through Anxiety Issues Right After They Become Fathers.

Update Date: Nov 17, 2015 01:00 PM EST

You might be acquainted with the term 'post-natal depression' among women right after birth, but conjuring up the same phenomenon among men is a bitter pill to swallow!

A bit askew, but researchers have found out that men or new dads often go through the same experiences regarding mental illnesses and depression as that in new mothers, making them more prone and susceptible to anxiety issues and depression after taking on the role of new fathers.

Mental health advocate Dr Liana Leach analyzed 43 separate studies and established that anxiety among men, before and after the arrival of their babies is as common and prevalent as post-natal depression among women. Men are as involved in anxiety and depression concerns and it affects around one in ten men, around half the rate for women.

According to Medical Express,

"Men can feel left out of the process, because pregnancy and childbirth are so integrally linked to the mother," said Dr Leach, from ANU Centre for Ageing, Health and Wellbeing.

"It can compound the problem. They don't seek help, because they think 'it's not so much about me'."

The causes of the malady revolving around the subject of pregnancy are still unknown, but despite unidentified linkage, 20% of the parents suffer from such instances.

According to Dr Leach, the arrival of a new baby can be a bit overwhelming at times, making them more panicky and eventually anxious than ever.

Symptoms of anxiety include being irritable continual worrying and constant nervousness. If prolonged, it can take on a new shape, deteriorating and damaging one's personality.

Professional help is always available, both for mothers and fathers. According to Dr Leach, men and women should start planning as early intervention can reduce symptoms of anxiety for the new parents. The couple should stay in contact with their doctors after the birth of their child as perinatal period should be dealt with extreme care. Couples should be fully aware of the mental health risks and seek help during and after the period of pregnancy.


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