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1 in 5 New Yorkers Still Struggling Against Mental Illnesses; Authorities to take Impromptu Action

Update Date: Nov 16, 2015 03:24 PM EST

Battling with miseries and desolations is no piece of cake! Alongside glee and happiness, one always has to pay a price! In this case, it is one of those mental illnesses which have entangled multiple personalities in severe depression, and anxiety issues leading towards an overwhelming dilemma of suicidal thoughts.

Intensifying at its peak, mental illnesses are considered to be even more piercing and aching than physical maladies. Often misunderstood and unable to diagnose, such disorders do not often have very rewarding fallouts as it can impede one's ability to live a peaceful, chirpy life.

As per latest research, one in five New Yorkers is stuck under the umbrella of constant pain and worrisome experiences as they suffer from depression, panic attacks and other unimaginable physiological disorders. Not only that, the late commencement of treatments as well as difficulty in identification has allowed the authorities to take impromptu action to expedite the sufferers.

Regardless of the emanating numbers of individuals, New York mayor Bill De Blasio has taken a mental health initiative in order to curb the rising issue which will be operational through New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Highlighted as the ‘NYC Thrive’, the entire plan will be functional by the end of this month, which is targeted towards the wrenching effects of psychological disorders prevalent in the city.

Daily Mail claims

According to the Deputy Commissioner of the Health department, Dr Gary Belkin: 'We have a set of public health issues that affect many people and affect them very deeply. 'We know what we're going to be doing, and over the coming weeks you're going to be hearing about it.'

Authorities involved in the health plans have exposed very little about it yet, but despite its concealment one thing is for sure and that is the officials have finally started to underline and endorse the adverse effects of the disorders. The total budget and the monetary compensation are still unknown, but in August Mayor De Blasio’s wife exposed that the mayor’s office will be releasing $386 million in terms of health and reconditioning.

 Ms McCray, who has worked for five years as a spokeswoman for Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn before De Blasio was elected, reveals how excruciating such experiences are as her own family has been a victim. According to her, mental illnesses are on the rise and are effecting high school students as well as considered as the effect of post alcohol and drug abuse.

The effective plan will incorporate a better system so that patients are diagnosed with it as soon as possible. The tracking system will be made more comprehensive and competent in order to accommodate the rising number of patients.

Further details will be underlined and stressed as the health authorities have taken a grand initiative, which will help the sufferers throughout the process including the diagnosis as well as its treatment.

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