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Hope for Infertile Women as US Hospital Offers First Ever Uterus Transplant

Update Date: Nov 16, 2015 01:03 PM EST

In the first ever, women in US will now be able to access the world class facility of womb transplant surgery and become mothers after being rendered infertile. A leading hospital in US will be offering this procedure that has been successfully tested in Sweden. The Cleveland clinic will be the first to operate 10 women for uterus transplantation. While this operation will certainly give hope to many, they must fit into one of the three categories to be considered a qualified candidate for the operation - born without a uterus, uterus that is no longer functioning or lost uterus to medical procedures, said the hospital. The transplants will come from donors who pledged their body parts after their death and will only be temporary. The organ will be removed after the women have borne one or two children. Through this procedure, millions of women will be able to experience the true joys of being a mother and have a baby that is genetically their own, reports Daily Mail.

The first successful birth was achieved in the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014 with the help of a transplanted uterus. The Cleveland Clinic said, "To date, the Swedish group has performed nine uterus transplants, achieving five pregnancies and four live births". They still have a lot to learn in uterus transplantation and have two unsuccessful attempts, one in Turkey and the other one in Saudi Arabia. The key problem that contributes to the failure is the rejection of the organ by the body, says Yahoo News.

The process begins when the ovaries of a woman are stimulated for childbirth by producing eggs. These eggs are then retrieved and fertilized with a sperm in a lab. Once the donor is identified, the transplant surgery takes place and the patient takes about a year to heal. After one year, the frozen eggs are thawed and planted into the uterus to initiate the process of pregnancy. The patient is administered anti-rejection drugs after that, according to US News

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